Saturday, June 14, 2014

I am disappointed to announce that we have decided to close Crowdini for now. Basically we are not growing as fast as we had hoped and aren’t able to generate enough revenue to work on this full time. Instead of treading water we have decided to close down, regroup and figure out how to make it a success.

This was a very hard decision to make. Something just needs to change to help get the product where it needs to be. We discussed removing the prizes and opening it up to rest of the world. We discussed gamifying it with a point system. We have discussed several other ideas as well.

For those of you who are still in a game, per the rules what we will do is pick a random winner of each game with more than 1 person left in it. We will do this today and will be notifying the winners. If the winner drawn turns out not to be eligible, we will draw randomly again for a winner. It will take a few days for this to complete.

For those of you who were knocked out of your game yesterday, I am going to randomly choose one person who will win an alternate prize. It won’t be a full $25 prize but I think you will like it. To be eligible for this drawing all you had to do was play yesterday. Again if the winner drawn turns out not to be eligible we will draw randomly again. I will post the winner on our @Crowdini Twitter account.

We are keeping the site up and you will be able to see on the stats page how you finished and who won these last open games.

To every single one of you I want to say thank you for all you have done for Crowdini. The question suggestions, the feedback, the 700,000+ votes and sharing the game with your family and friends. Most of you wake up and play religiously and that is something we never would have predicted. We are so grateful to have you all as players. We hope we can bring Crowdini back stronger and better than ever.

Thank you,

Jason Allen


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