How to Play Crowdini

What is Crowdini?

Crowdini is a question and answer game. We ask you to answer one question a day and give you points based on how your answer compares to the majority answer. It is designed to be something you can do in less than a minute a day but hopefully sparks conversation and thought.

Step 1

Answer the daily question Questions are:

  • Multiple choice
  • 2, 3, 4 or 5 answers
  • Can be any category (i.e. Sports, Entertainment, Music, Tech, Science)

**A new question is asked at 10 am eastern daily.

Step 1

Step 2

Confirm your answer.

You have 3 confirmation options:

  • Tap the green Lock me in button to confirm your answer
  • Tap the red Choose Again button to reverse your current answer and answer the question again.
  • Wait 10 seconds for your answer to be confirmed automatically.

**Once your answer is confirmed it is final and cannot be changed.

Step 2

Step 3

Come back tomorrow to see:

  • How many points you earned
  • Compare how you did against the majority
  • Answer tomorrow's question

**We send you a daily results email.

Step 3

How do I earn points?

Crowdini is a game. At the end of the game the player with the most points wins. There are 3 ways to earn points. Let's go over all three.

Earn points by Answering Questions

Majority rules in Crowdini. Points are awarded to the answer with the most votes. Points are given in the following way:

  • 10 pts - Answer with the MOST votes
  • 8 pts - Answer with the 2ND most votes
  • 6 pts - Answer with the 3RD most votes
  • 4 pts - Answer with the 4TH most votes
  • 2 pts - Answer with the 5TH most votes
Step 4

Earn Bonus Points

On certain questions you can earn 10 bonus points if you choose the answer that actually occurs. Not every question is a bonus question. What to know about bonus questions:

  • Only questions labeled Bonus have bonus points
  • You earn 10 pts if you choose the answer that actually occurs
  • Bonus points are not awarded until the actual event completes (which could be days after the question is asked)
Step 5

Earn points for Referrals

Each player has their own unique referral URL. You can earn 5 extra points for each new player you refer. Also the player you refer will earn 5 points. The maximum number of referral points is 145 per game. All conditions below must be met to receive referral points:

  • The player has to be a new player
  • The player has to complete their sign up AND
  • The player has to answer at least 2 questions

Current Game Details

The details below were last updated: May 10, 2017

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